Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

We offer couple therapy.

Helping couples to focus on and enlarge the strengths and affectionate bond and to stop being concerned with one another’s weaknesses and flaws is one of the paramount aims of couples therapy.

Often times couples can get stuck in early life decisions and issues which then get projected onto the other partner and the relationships can get stuck here. By shifting the focus from what is wrong to what is right or from what is not working to what works beautifully the relationship has space to breathe and love has a chance to flow.


“The major aim of therapy is increasing your knowledge about yourself, your partner and the patterns of interaction between you. Therapy becomes effective as you apply new knowledge to break ineffective patterns and develop better ones”
Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson

How long are the sessions when working with couples?

The first initial assessment is for 90 mins and thereafter for 50 mins each session.

What is the cost?

The cost for Couples Therapy is £55 per session



If you want to book an appointment at The Old Post Office Therapy Centre in Blaenavon, they are available Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9 am to 8 pm and Fridays 3 pm to 8 pm,

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We also offer appointments in Risca, near Newport, on Mondays & Thursdays from 9 am to 4 pm and Fridays 9 pm to 2 pm.